Our Mission

Fighting Fast Fashion

We're on a mission to empower artists to help people affected by unfair fashion in a way that doesn't cost the Earth

We champion the Slow Fashion movement: supporting workers' rights and paying the living wage. The Fast Fashion industry places huge demands on its suppliers to produce clothes in quick turnaround times. The amount of data available to high street brands mean that retailers can react quickly to changing fashion trends. It used to take about six months for a product to get to market, this has now been slashed down to three week cycles creating immense pressure on the supply chain. Cheap clothes are only made possible when corners are cut - garment workers who work in countries with poor labour laws ultimately pay the price. Use of so-called Sweatshop Labour has always been a problem as countries industrialise. In Bangladesh, a country with highly-skilled garment workers, several workplace disasters have occurred in recent years, such as the devastating fire at the nine-storey Tazreen Fashions factory, and the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in the capital Dhaka. The Rana Plaza tragedy could have been avoided as the building was evacuated after cracks appeared in its walls and pillars. However, workers were threatened with their jobs and forced to return to work as the factory owners gave assurances that the building were safe. The 8-storey building collapsed killing 1,134 and injuring many more. 10% of the price of each Call of the Brave t-shirt sold goes to projects that support people affected by Rana Plaza.

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