Call of the Brave / ethical t-shirts / raising money for people affected by unfair fashion

Fashion is broken
a sweatshop industry has become unstitched
Take a stand against fast-fashion with sweatshop-free
planet-friendly clothes

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Call of the Brave - 1st Edition

Call Of The Brave - 1st Edition / Dave

Pogo Rabbit

Pogo Rabbit / Lucas-antics

Pogo Dog

Pogo Dog / Lucas-antics

Wrong Seat

Wrong Seat / Simon

This t-shirt makes my life better

This T-shirt Makes My Life Better / Hannah

Let's all be artists

Let's All Be Artists / Hannah

Si Suriyothai

Si Suriyothai / Yasaman

Bernard the Brave

Bernard The Brave / Boodle

Odd Mod

Odd Mod / Simon

Sushi Adventure

Sushi Adventure / Emily

We're on a mission to empower artists to help people affected by unfair fashion in a way that doesn't cost the Earth
Ethical t-shirts designed by independent artists.
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