Independent Artists' T-shirts

Create the Change

You create and sell your designs, and we'll do the rest. No risk. No hidden costs.

Have you ever wanted to create your own t-shirts but didn’t want the hassle of printing or stock management? We collaborate with potential superheroes: artists, designers and illustrators and use people-power to turn creative ideas into reality. We're asking artists (and forward-thinking businesses) to upload their t-shirt designs (or logos) and start a crowdfunding campaign. If enough people pre-order the design, then we print and send out the t-shirts. So no waste, and no upfront costs. Call of the Brave is a risk-free way to try out designs; we help you reach your crowd and find a new audience for your work. Because we believe that people should be paid fairly for doing an honest day's work, we don’t ask for any rights to the images AND we pay you a commission. If you reach 10 pre-orders, at the end of the campaign we: charge your backers, print your design on our ethical shirts, send the shirts to your backers, and pay you a commission. The more pre-orders you make, the more you take home. The best designs remain on sale in our print-on-demand shop. Designs should be 32cm by 50cm at 300d.p.i. and saved in .png format to preserve transparency.

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