Frequently Asked Questions


Call of the Brave is a new organisation. We want to go about our business as ethically as possible. We can only achieve this by being transparent about how we operate and by continuously striving to improve.

We also have a lot of learning to do. If you have any suggestions about how we can do better - we are all ears. Please contact us on facebook messenger, twitter, instagram or by email. We would love to hear from you. What is Call of the Brave? Call of the Brave is a Social Enterprise set up to help artists with a suite of digital tools. Our first tool is a crowdfunding service for t-shirt designs. Anyone can upload a design, and, if a minimum number of pre-orders (10) are taken before the campaign end-date, we print the designs on ethically produced t-shirts and send them out to people that have ordered them. Any designs we love, go into our on-demand shop where you can "buy now" the t-shirts which we'll print on the fly. What is Slow Fashion? Slow Fashion is a reaction to Fast Fashion. Fast Fashion is a recent phenomenon where high street brands are so competitive they release a new collection every few weeks (instead of the traditional seasonal collections). This puts an enormous pressure on suppliers and demand often outstrips supply. Ultimately it is the CMT (cut, make and trim) workers in the countries with the poorest labour standards who suffer, as they are forced to work long hours, often in unsafe conditions. Check out the Clean Clothes Campaign who work to improve conditions in the global garment industry. What is your Ethical Policy? Our t-shirts are supplied by a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. The Fair Wear Foundation works with European companies to improve conditions for workers in garment factories. See The Fairwear Foundation Website. This is different to Fairtrade. In a Fairtrade Cotton T-Shirt, only the cotton is certified as Fairtrade - not the manufacturing process. So cotton farmers get a good deal, but factory workers may not. Our site is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Servers, content stored on Contentful, and Stripe handle product orders and card payment processing. We bank with Triodos who believe in putting people before profit. Why can't I upload a design now? We're in the very early stages of the company and are still building and testing the site. When we have finished this we'll issue invites to our Beta programme, which will help us make doubly sure everything works properly. The goal is to make a site accessible to anyone with an idea for a design. I want to print a design now - can I order from you? Yes. We have a minimum order number of 25 t-shirts... Please contact us and we'll see if we can help. Who retains the rights for the image? You do. This also means you are responsible for ensuring that you have all the rights to use this image. Images will be moderated before being published on the site. How much do you pay designers? The designer gets a commission of £5 for each t-shirt sold. What's your Privacy Policy? We will not use any information you give us for anything other than communicating what we are doing and to correspond with you directly. We use Stripe, to process your payments securely. Stripe collects your email address and card details for the purpose of carrying out your transaction and allowing us to issue refunds if necessary. We do not hold your card details directly, but we can use Stripe to debit and credit your card. We use Google Analytics to understand how people use this website, in order to improve the website experience. This data is anonymous and not shared with anyone else. Currently we are using Amazon Cognito to collect email addresses and also pass these to Mailchimp if you've said you'ld like to be on our mailing list. We will not give out your email address or any of your details to anyone (unless we get your express permission). What if I'm not on Facebook? How can I contact you? Feel free to get in touch on Twitter, follow Call of the Brave or email us Have you got a more complete list of Terms and Conditions? Yes, if you're having trouble sleeping - you can request the terms and conditions too.

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